Black Belt 1st Degree Program

BlackBeltProgramBannerBlack Belt 1st Degree Program

The Black Belt 1st Degree Program is a course designed to develop the skills of a student in preparation for their Black Belt 1st Degree.

The course is divided into 14 levels represented by different colors of belts.  The first level is represented by the white belt.  Students will learn a set of basic skills at this level.  Over a period of time they will need to demonstrate a proficient understanding and ability to perform these set of skills in order to advance to the next color belt level.  Each advancing level will present a new set of skills more challenging than before for the student to learn and become proficient in.

Each study of curriculum is unique with its own set of skills.  In Korean Karate (Tang Soo Do) these skills consist of Kibon basic blocking and striking techniques, Hyeong forms, Mooki weapons, Nakbeom break falling, Ilsusik 1-step combat, Taeryeon sparring, and Kyeokpa board breaking.

In Korean Sword (Haedong Kumdo) these skills consist of Kibon basic blocking & cutting techniques, Kumbup sword forms, Kyeokum sword fencing drills, Kyeorugi sword fencing, and Baegi target cutting.

As students progress through the levels, so too will their skills.  By the time they will have completed the final level of this program, the Blue Belt 3-stripes, they will have developed the set of skills to advance to the Black Belt 1st Degree.

The pace of advancement will be determined by the student and their instructors based on the student’s goals and commitment to excellence.  It is highly recommended students share their goals with their instructor so their instructor can help them plan the most appropriate course of enrollment.