2018 Garden State Championship

Grandmaster K.Y. Yi addresses the competitors during the opening ceremony.

Congratulations to the Min’s Karate Competition Team and their success at the 42 Annual Garden State Championship.  Hundreds of competitors gathered from all across the Tri-State area early Saturday morning at Riverwinds Community Center in West Deptford, NJ.  Dozens of schools representing martial arts including Tang Soo Do, Taekwondo, and Karate gathered for the annual event hosted by Grandmaster Ki Yun Yi.  With the large turnout, competition was very fierce with division groups routinely pushing 20 people.

The Min’s Karate Competition Team represented by Coleman Miller, Neil Wiest, Gabe Smitz, Liam Mulholland, Gabriel Wiest, Isabell Wiest, Jaxson Wiest, Zachary Shifflett, Evan Belden, and Henry Hribal brought home 11 trophies, including 3 division championships.

Coleman Miller performs Poosae Koryo in the Black Belt 13-14 year old forms division. He went on to win 1st in the division and qualified to compete in the Forms Grand Championship.


Gabe Smitz side kicks a board during his multi-break performance in the advanced 9-12 year old breaking division. He went to win 1st in the division.


Neil Wiest (left) roundhouse kicks his opponent during the semi-finals of the Black Belt 35-50 year old sparring division.  He went on to win 3rd place in the division.


Gabe Smitz brings home a pair of first place trophies for Weapons & Breaking in the 9-12 advanced division.

Zachary Shifflett brings home a pair of 3rd’s for Forms & Sparring in the 9-10 advanced division.

Henry Hribal brings home a pair of 3rd place trophies for Forms & Sparring in the 6U beginner division.

Jaxson Wiest performs Bong Hyeong 2 Bu.  He went on to win 3rd place Breaking in the advanced 9-12 division.










Liam Mulholland smiles for the camera while he patiently waits for his turn to perform.

Even Belden is all smiles after a great performance.

Gabe Smitz, Zachary Shifflett, Isabelle Wiest, and Jackson Wiest patiently wait their turn to perform their weapon.