2018 Young’s Karate Tournament

Congratulations to the Min’s Karate Competition Team and their successful performance at the 34th Annual Young’s Karate Tournament.  Competitors gathered from all across the mid-state area early Saturday morning at Bellefonte Area High School just outside state college.  Dozens of schools representing martial arts including Tang Soo Do, Taekwondo, Karate, and Kung Fu gathered for the annual event hosted by Master Lenny Young.

The Min’s Karate Competition Team represented by Coleman Miller, Neil Wiest, Ajla Sakic, Gabe Smitz, Liam Mulholland, Gabriel Wiest, Isabell Wiest, Jaxson Wiest, Lydia Gaskin, Zachary Shifflett, Evan Belden, and Henry Hribal placed in 17 events, including 10 division championships.

Ajla Salkic scores a roundhouse kick during the finals of the 12-13 year old black belt sparring division.  She finished 2nd in the division.

Zachary Shifflett lands a beautiful kick to the head in the 10-11 year old advanced sparring division.

Jaxson Wiest scores the winning point during the finals of the 10-11 year old advanced sparring division to capture 1st in the division.

Henry Hribal scores a reverse punch in the quarter finals of the 6U beginners sparring division.  He went on to win the match and later captured 1st place in the division.

Evan Belden finished the day with a 1st in weapons and 3rd in forms.

Henry finished the day with a 1st in sparring, forms, and breaking.

Liam Mulholland performs his bong hyeong 2 bu.

Evan and Henry off to a great start.

Ajla finished the day with a 2nd in sparring and 3rd in forms.

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