We’ve traveled around enough with the Army to know a gem when we see one, and Min’s Karate has been the Crown Jewel of our Carlisle tour! We’ve seen Matthew grow in courage and confidence this year thanks to Grandmaster Min and our Min’s karate family. Responsibility, accountability, high standards, and dedication make this a top notch program, and I thank you for giving Matthew those life lessons this year. Grandmaster Min – you’re a gifted teacher with infinite patience!! We will miss you dearly. Best wishes and much love to all of you!

~ Ann B.


I just want to tell you, as a relatively new parent, how impressed I am with your young Black Belts. Coleman regularly impresses me with his patience, direction, and praise with the colored belts.

Yesterday, Ella really stood out to me. In addition to helping me get Jack’s foot gear on correctly, I was very impressed as I watched her handle Jack at the end of the class. Ella was handing out the stripes by seniority and explained this to a very excited and eager Jack as she was also able to help him learn some patience. What really impressed me was she enlisted his help to hand out the stripes to the other students. She very easily could have done it on her own, but thought of a way to incorporate Jack into the process and hopefully teach him patience, humility, and support for his fellow students’ achievements.

I know you are very busy during class and may not see everything going on, so I wanted to share this observation with you. You should be very proud of your program and how it molds these young people into good leaders and teachers.  Thank you.

~ Brian M.


Friends with little ones: I can’t recommend Grandmaster Mike Min enough! He’s SO GOOD with young kids. I mean, he’s great with big ones, too–but it takes a certain combination of patience, humor, and discipline to teach martial arts to preschoolers, and he has it in spades. Just ask Sara! 😉
~ Melissa M.


What a wonderful place for my 4 year old to learn. Master Min is a natural with the kids.

~ Jenny N.


We put our 3 yrs in the class. It is a great class for 3-5 yr olds. We have noticed that through Master Min’s training program our son has learned valuable skills, balance and discipline.

~ Joshua C.