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Korean Sword - Kum Do (해동검도)

The essence of Haedong Kumdo

Haedong Kumdo is a traditional Korean martial art that can be literally translated as, “The Way of the Korean Sword.”  The origins of Haedong Kumdo can be traced back over two millennia to Korguryo, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea of this time period.  The elite warriors of Korguryo trained in martial warfare with a heavy emphasis on swordsmanship, loyalty, respect, and honor.  These warriors helped Korguryo become an immensely powerful military force in the region allowing the Kingdom to rule for several hundred years.

The essence of Haedong Kumdo is the self-improvement of ones mind, body, and spirit.

Haedong Kumdo trains the mind of a student to focus their energy towards a specific direction with well-defined goals.  Students are taught to develop discipline, concentration, and self control in order to maximize their ability and potential.  With each accomplishment, their confidence grows and standards are elevated.

Haedong Kumdo trains the body of a student to master one class of weapon, the sword, with a practical core of knowledge to make precise cuts.  The cutting techniques of Haedong Kumdo were developed on the battlefields where one warrior would combat multiple attackers at once.  The stances and cutting techniques of Haedong Kumdo are designed to be highly dynamic to efficiently neutralize multiple attackers quickly.

Haedong Kumdo trains the spirit of a student to be open and good.  The spirit is an important characteristic as we seek to improve the quality of life as well as the lives around us.  Students are taught to live according to the ideals of loyalty, filial piety, propriety, justice, trust, knowledge, generosity, and sound body.

Haedong Kumdo Curriculum

In our Haedong Kumdo curriculum, students will learn the following skills. These skills will progressively become more complex as students progress through the belt rank system. These skills have been specifically designed to progressively help students maximize the potential of their mind, body, and spirit.

  • 기본 Kibon: Basic training in blocking/striking
  • 검법 Kumbeop: Forms
  • 낙범 Nakbum: Break falling
  • 겨루리 Kyeorugi: Fencing
  • 베기 Baegi: Target cutting